Do you think you have what it takes to become the next big adult entertainment star? Then don't pass over this occasion and fill the Talent Supreme recruitment form below. You could find yourself working with some of the most sexy and popular male talent. You've seen them on all the best websites, now it's time to become one of them!

The TalentSupreme Application Form

Part 1: General Information * Required Field
Examples of acceptable forms of ID: State ID Card, Driver's License, U.S. Passport
Part 2: Photos * Required Field
IMPORTANT: This application will not be sent unless the required photos have been selected. These photos are for us to evaluate your physical appearance, so please make sure they are large enough and of good visual quality. Good quality cellphone and webcam photos are accetable, but if possible, ask a friend to take your photos.

Instructions For Photos

  • Only send photos of you alone (no friends, children or pets).
  • Maximum file size is 1MB or below for each photo.
  • Acceptable image formats: jpg, png
  • Photos must be of good quality and should be well-lit.
  • If shooting yourself via a mirror, avoid using flash.
Part 3: Additional Information
We respect your privacy. Your contact details, photos and other information in this application will only be seen by the TalentSupreme team.